Design Detail: Bookcase as Room Divider

If your home has an open floor plan and you’re looking for ideas to separate and define certain areas better, a bookcase is the perfect solution! It offers you storage on one side with the open shelving and you can use the back side as you would any wall by hanging photos or artwork. Creating a divider wall out of a bookcase is this month’s Design Detail, which is where I highlight a quick DIY project on a budget.

The trick is to “dress up” the back side of the bookcase to resemble a wall as many come with carton or plywood backing that is unfinished. In the project featured I used a bamboo roll-up shade to create the effect of wallpaper. You can use a staple gun with brad nails to affix the shade onto the bookcase, but if you don’t have these tools readily available, you can use U-glu tape. It offers you the strength of a liquid adhesive, but in a solid form such as double-side tape. I even installed the trim molding using U-glu to give the edges a professional look, which I later stained a similar color to the shade.

It’s that simple!! Depending on where you place the bookcases in the room, you might want to secure them to a wall by using L-brackets. You can also take the extra step to install baseboard trim all the way around the bottom to create a continuous and seamless look as a transition between walls to room divider. Who needs 2x4 wood studs and drywall with an idea like this?