Black and White Equals Grown and Sexy

When we choose a color scheme for a room, black & white is probably not the first choice that comes to mind. It might sound too boring and plain. I actually wanted to dispel the myth by doing a bedroom makeover in these classic colors.

Take a look at the photo … what do you think? I love how the bedroom turned out and the entire budget was only $750.00. The goal is to combine black & white with different textures and patterns to create more visual interest. I began by painting the walls a gray tone to have a neutral backdrop for everything to stand out against. Crisp, white bedding is the perfect choice for a clean and fresh look. Then I brought in decorative pillows in black & white, with stripes and patterns. The upholstered headboard becomes the focal point of this bed and extends onto the ceiling with a canopy made from the reverse of the same fabric used on the headboard. I finished off the makeover with lamps and a mirrored nightstand to add a reflective surface in the room.

You wouldn’t call this room boring or plain, right? It’s timeless and elegant, but the best part is that if you still wish to introduce an accent color in the future, it will work. Whether it's a lime green, tangerine, purple, turquoise, or anything you can think of, it will refresh the look of the space by using the black & white as the inspiration and foundation.