The Beauty of Beige

I’ve seen many rooms where the homeowner is afraid of committing to a color choice, so they decide to leave the walls white. The result is usually a cold and unfinished environment, when all it takes to change the entire mood in the room is to paint it a warmer tone, such as a beige or khaki. It doesn’t have to be boring, and I can tell you as a designer that it’s better than leaving your walls white.

If you're being held back by a fear of choosing the wrong color, please remember that it’s just paint.  It’s not permanent and can always be replaced. Once you realize this, you can move past your fear to give your room more personality. My suggestion is to begin by painting a test patch on the walls to get a sense of the color in the room for a few days and under various lighting conditions.

With that said, I’m not here to advocate that your room needs to have bold colors either, because it truly depends on your style and taste. However, if you still prefer to stay within a safe palette, a monochromatic color scheme of neutrals in a room can look quite beautiful—if done right!  

The key is to work with different shades of the same color. Begin with paint and carry the color scheme through in the accessories to help give the room contrast. Also, adding different textures through your fabric choices creates more depth in your decor. In this bedroom makeover, I created a serene and tranquil environment by painting the room a soft ivory color. To maintain an airy feel, I used linen sheers as window treatments, added a duvet set with a graphic border for some visual punch and finished off the bedding with a decorative throw and pillows in a darker tone, which gave the bed a five-star hotel look!  

Notice how there’s not one specific color that jumps out at you, yet it’s not boring to look at and everything blends to create a master bedroom with lots of style!