Visit the Prado Museum in Spain Today!

This is on a whole new level of “kewl.” For the first time ever, art historians, students, tourists, and nerds the world over will now have access to some of the most prized masterpieces (14 to be exact) inside Madrid’s famous Prado Museum via Google Earth. Using a resolution of 14,000 pixels (um, that’s 14 gigapixels!), the Google Earth Prado layer allows you to look at the busy little bee in Rubens’ Las Tres Gracias, or the delicate tears in El Descendimiento by Rogier van der Weyden. There’s even a 3D function that gives you a 360-degree tour of the whole building, which is way better than any person standing right there could humanly do. The Prado Museum is thus the first to allow this type of unprecedented access and high-res navigation. Gotta give it up for the Spaniards, who consistently stay ahead of the curve.