Three's Company!

When Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem) utters the unforgettable words, “Maria Elena used to always say, 'Only unfulfilled love can be romantic',” in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, it touched a dark corner of my soul. I’m not the last masochist left in the world, I thought! And every girlfriend of mine that I talk to seems to feel the same way, whether they’re in healthy relationships or not. It’s just human nature. And that’s just one of the great lines from Woody Allen’s rom-com masterpiece. Another is when Maria Elena tells ScarJo’s character: “Chronic dissatisfaction… that’s what you have!”

I went to see VCB twice in the movie theater and actually pre-ordered the DVD, which comes out today. That’s only happened once in recent memory—with The Dark Knight. So if you haven’t yet peeped it, I recommend you invite some of your girls over for Rioja, pan con tomate, jamon serrano, and some manchego, (you get the idea), and enjoy the ride. The theme song alone is worth it.