Short, Short Stories for Your Busy, Busy Life

Looking for some good reading material? I am, since I’ve been spending most of my time on airplanes lately. And what better book than one that doesn’t require too much of my time but still satisfies? Released just last week was Sudden Fiction Latino: Short Short Stories from the United States and Latin America (because, you know, short stories aren’t cutting it anymore). In it, you’ll find literary rock stars like Luna Calderon, Daniel Alarcon, and Alicita Rodriguez alongside maestros such as Garcia Marquez, Allende, Borges, Cisneros, Diaz, and Bolaño. Robert Shapard and James Thomas, the editors that brought you the Flash Fiction and Sudden Fiction series, join Ray Gonzalez in selecting works that each present a complete story in less than 1,500 words.

Speaking of Allende, just heard she’s releasing her first novel in four years in May. Titled Island Beneath The Sea, the historical novel captures Haiti’s turbulent colonial era and the bloody revolution at the turn of the 19th century through the eyes of its heroine, Zarité, a mulatta girl forced to endure everything from coerced sex to slavery. Rest assured I’ll extend my short attention span for that one.