Robert Downey Jr. Goes Latin!

All my dreams are coming true, it seems. First Johnny Depp is shooting a movie in Puerto Rico, then I hear Clive Owen is headed to Colombia to start production on a different flick, and now, Robert Downey Jr. (last seen impersonating an African American in Tropic Thunder) is playing award-winning LA Times writer Steve Lopez in The Soloist, which is FINALLY being released. I, for one, thought it looked good from the first time I peeped the trailer (check it out below). I even cried a bit, which isn’t surprising, but it’s because I find the true story of Lopez’s friendship with the homeless, schizophrenic violin virtuoso Nathaniel Ayers kind of touching. The movie is actually inspired by Lopez’s book The Soloist: A Lost Dream, An Unlikely Friendship and The Redemptive Power of Music, which was published last year and had its roots as a newspaper column. If nothing else, it will be beautiful to watch, since Joe Wright (Atonement) directed it and he has an extraordinary eye.