Q&A: Zoe Saldana Awed by Huge Success of "Avatar"

When contributing writer Damarys Ocaña sat down with Zoe Saldaña last summer for our June/July cover story and asked her about career goals, Saldaña, arguably the biggest female star on the planet (scratch that—the universe!) right now, replied:

“You know that cover that Kate Winslet did for Vanity Fair where she said, ‘You bet your f**king ass I want that Oscar?' Yeah, I’m not gonna be like, 'I just want to be known for my work.' No—that entails a medal on my shelf. I’m not going to live my life geared toward it, but it’s going to be one of my goals. Whether it happens or not, it will not determine the kind of substance that I feel l contributed or am. But I want it. Why not, coño?! Shoot for the stars and I’ll settle for a cloud.”

Call us psychics, visionaries, or whatever, but we’re guessing that Oscar nod will come sooner rather than later. And we couldn’t be more thrilled and proud. So much so that we just had to connect with our girl post-Avatar. Here are some of her e-mailed responses, complete with LOLs and smiley faces. Awww…

What is your absolute favorite scene in Avatar (or one that you are especially proud of because it was difficult to shoot)?

Haha, it's really hard to pick a favorite scene right now. I am still in my awe phase with the huge success the movie is having that I can't get myself to single out a moment in the movie that felt better than others. Every scene, every frame, every sacrifice is my favorite.

Can you share one cool or funny anecdote from working with your fellow dominicana Michelle Rodriguez on the set, or perhaps of your time spent in New Zealand together while shooting?

I didn't spend that much time in New Zealand because I was part of the Na'vi, and that was all performance capture. However, that didn't stop Michelle and I from making the best of the little time we had to hang out when I was there. There was this local arcade place not that far from the hotel and we would go and spend hours playing video games. I'm not a gamer, but Michelle is. It's hard not getting infected with the gamer bug when you’re around her. We also realized we SUCK at pool! LOL

What’s your take on the different interpretations of the movie, that it’s based on Hindu mythology, Native Americans, jihad, the environment? Any of them more true than others?

I'll leave that to the people that see the movie. This story is very compelling. It makes me happy that it inspires everyone that has seen it to think and feel. I can only ask for that.

If it were up to you, would there be an Avatar sequel, or do you like the story as it was left?

It would be an awful waste of Pandoran space if we didn't go back there and continued exploring this story. :)