Putumayo’s Latin Party

Putumayo release alert! If you’re like me, you get excited every time these guys put out something, cause they do all the work of combing through vast catalogs of great but obscure music and throw the best songs onto a disc, then deliver it right to your fingertips. Plus the artwork is always pretty.

Though I’m a huge fan of their kids stuff (I have two multilingual nephews), I’m also enjoying Putumayo’s newest world music release, Latin Party, which is exactly that—a collection of boogaloo, salsa, cumbia and more fun stuff that stays true to Latin music’s past while creatively moving it into the 21st century. Paris-based star Raul Paz blends cumbia with the sounds of his native Cuba on the hopeful "Buena Suerte." On "Electric Boogaloo," New York-based contemporary fusion band Yerba Buena combines Afrobeat and Latin grooves with the help of Cuban singer Xiomara Laugart.  On "Yiri Yiri Bon (Dancehall Mix)," London’s ska Cubano delivers a bouncy mix of Jamaican ska and Cuban son. Latin Party also features songs from New York-based hip-hop collective Brooklyn Funk essentials,  Texas-raised Mexican-American musician and producer A.B. Quintanilla III (Selena’s bro).

But my favorite thing about this album has to be the extras! The CD liner notes feature a recipe for Cleriquot (sangria's South American cousin) by Food Network chef Daisy Martinez and an appetizer recipe by leading Mexican chef Patricia Quintana, owner of renowned Mexican restaurant Izote.

For more info or to buy the album visit putumayo.com.