Need a Little Career GPS?

It's not enough to work really hard, have talent, and envision oneself in one's dream career. Nowadays, especially with unemployment approaching double digits, you have to master a new set of rules and learn how to navigate corporate culture in America. To that end, a new book from Amistad seeks to give multicultural women an edge.

CAREER GPS: Strategies for Women Navigating the New Corporate Landscape by Dr. Ella LJ Edmonson Bell with Linda Villarosa combines the academic knowledge and expertise of Bell [a published expert in women’s career advancement/retention] and Villarosa [a former editor of both Essence magazine and The New York Times] with the proven tactics they’ve shared in mainstream publications, classrooms, workshops and public speaking engagements. It also features dozens of first-person accounts from smart, successful women who’ve found professional bliss. Hopefully you’re not far behind!