From Mexico with Love

Never mind From Paris With Love. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but today, it’s all about yummy Kuno Becker (of Goal! fame). In From Mexico With Love (out now on DVD) Becker, 31, plays a Texas farm laborer and part-time prizefighter who goes up against a rich, gringo rancher threatening to take away his family’s earnings and deport them. In doing so, he defends not just his family’s honor, but that of all migrant workers.

Watch for thrilling fight scenes courtesy of stunt coordinator-turned-director Jimmy Nickerson (Rocky, Fight Club). The movie meant a lot to Becker, who told Latina: “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my grandfathers, who were immigrants [from Spain and Germany]. They both went to Mexico and made a life there.”

The underdog drama also stars Angelica Aragon, Steven Bauer, Stephen Lang, Alex Nesic, Danay Garcia, and Bruce McGill.