The Joy of Journaling

A while ago, Cinema Tropical put together a list of the best Latin American films of the past decade. Not surprisingly, Argentina dominated the list, with 39 mentions (and 3 in the top 10 alone). Looking over the list, I realized I have a lot of catching up to do. So imagine how happy I was when I discovered the new Film Journal from trendy notebook maker Moleskine? It’s part of their "Passiona" line, which also has journals for true lovers of books, music, wine, recipes, and wellness. But the film version caught my eye because it's truly something I’m going to use, as I become better acquainted with cinema from every Latin American country, not just the usual suspects (Argentina, Mexico). Now places like Peru, Colombia, Chile (can't wait for Sebastian Silva's next movie!) even Bolivia are all making movies that matter.

Beyond the basic facts (title, director, awards, country/year), this alphabetized journal is helping me keep track of films that moved or entertained me, by documenting certain details, i.e. memorable quotes. It also has blank tabs, pages, and stickers that can be personalized.

As we speak, I've added an older film by Juan Jose Campanella (the winner of this year's Best Foreign Film Oscar for El Secreto de Sus Ojos) to my "To Rent" section. It even has a list of the most important film festivals around the world!

If in this era of Blackberrys you've become super dependent on computers to do your work for you (the other day I was trying to write in a greeting card and I was having difficulty; I really must go back to writing with a pen or pencil, if only for nostalgia’s sake) you can head to, and print page layouts that are customized for your journal and paste them directly on there. Happy journaling!



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