The Husband Habit

Chica lit fans, rejoice! The godmother, aka Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, is back with a brand new novel from St. Martin’s Press, The Husband Habit. The New York Times bestselling author of The Dirty Girls Social Club set her latest story in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The main sucia this time is Vanessa Chavez, a successful chef who keeps falling for married men. It’s not exactly her fault, though...or so she claims. Each and every time she’s "duped, mistaken, taken for a ride, outright fooled" by some d-bag. Of course, after taking a vow of celibacy to figure out what’s causing her to make these terrible choices in men, she meets "The One." Paul is an Iraq war veteran who seems different enough from her past mistakes for her to break her vow. Plus, he is well mannered, hot, and a good kisser. There is just one little problem—you guessed it: his wife!

I recently asked Alisa what her essentials for coming up with these memorable female characters are. Does she need $50 scented candles? Special teas? A face mask? (I’m always curious about these things). Surprisingly, she isn’t a diva in any way.

“All I need is a computer and a chair,” she said. “I can write literally anywhere. I think that working as a newspaper reporter, in all the open, noisy chaos of a newsroom, was excellent training in being able to focus and concentrate without the help of anything other than discipline. That said, I love to write in coffee shops—both for the readily available caffeine, and for the presence of other people. My favorite place to write in my hometown is the Flying Star Cafe, which I write about in my new novel. Better coffee than Starbucks, and the best huevos rancheros in town. I find that listening to music helps spark my creativity, too, and I tend to make an iPod playlist for each character or mood I'm writing about.”