First RDJ, now R-Patz wants to be Latino

I’m really starting to respect Robert Pattinson and the career he’s carving out for himself in Hollywood. Especially now that he’s taken on the role of Salvador Dalí in the Paul Morrison–directed Little Ashes, currently in theatres. The arthouse flicks starts out in 1922, when three young Surrealists, Dalí, Federico Garcia Llorca (Spanish TV actor Javier Beltran) and Luis Buñuel (Englishman Mattew McNulty), meet in Madrid’s Residencia de Estudiantes, a progressive arts school, and bond over their disdain for old money and traditionalism. The ultra-hip trio become inseparable—that is, until Buñuel has enough of their antics and goes off to Paris to become a superstar in his own right. Llorca makes a name for himself as a controversial playwright and falls for the ever-more narcissistic Dalí at a time when Spain is on the brink of civil war. Though tragedy cuts their love affair short, at least their art lives on.