Fast & Furious

If you weren’t one of the people who went to see our girls M-Rod and Jordana Brewster in Fast & Furious in the theaters (though that’s highly unlikely, since the fourth installment of the high-octane franchise brought in a record-breaking $71 million over the weekend of April 3–5) , now’s your chance to catch the flick on Blu-Ray and DVD. Features include the short Los Bandoleros, which stars Tego Calderon, Don Omar and Vin Diesel and provides the backstory that leads to the train heist in the opening scenes of Fast & Furious. You’ve also got the low-down on the many stunts the actors pulled off, a look at the import cars used, as well as Pitbull’s video for “Blanco,” which is on the soundtrack.

Part of what fascinates me about this movie is that it proved, yet again, that Latinos are the fastest (no pun intended) growing movie-going segment. Variety even had an excellent article about it some time ago. Studios have been slow to pick up on this trend, but I think that’s clearly changing.

So here’s to more instances like Fast & Furious and the opportunities they present to our talent in Hollywood.