Fania Records Gets A Makeover!

Coolest. Site. Ever. No, I’m not talking about us (that’s a given!); I’m talking about the newly launched

Yes, as in Fania Records! On the new, user-friendly site, you can shop for old and new releases, learn the history of the legendary salsa label, read up on the repertoire of your fave Fania Allstars (Celia, Hector, Johnny, Ruben, Willie, take your pick), download tropical playlists by the one and only DJ Caobo—or—here’s my favorite: listen to Fania digital radio (comprised of six salsa stations) all day and night for FREE! With names like “Lavoe Forever!” “Boogaloo & Soul Radio,” “Fania Revolution,” and “Viva La Navidad,” it’s safe to say these stations will be playing non-stop in my home all throughout the holiday season.

You may ask yourself why it took so long for Fania to have its own, proper portal. As with most things, it goes back to having the necessary resources. The label, though home to an unparalleled catalog of the greatest salsa music the world has ever witnessed over the past 50-plus years, hadn’t quite managed to bring itself up to speed, by 21st century standards. But this past May, Fania was acquired by Codigo Music Group, a company funded by New York-based private equity group Signo Equity, which also owns West Side Latino, home to legends such as Tito Rodriguez and Ray Barretto. Fania then revamped its logo, launched a new marketing campaign, and remastered and digitized much of its catalog.

Feliz (early) Navidad, my fellow Faniaticos!