Broken Embraces Arrives on DVD!

I'm honestly peeved that Broken Embraces didn’t get any love at the Oscars this year (and was that the most boring telecast ever or what?!). I won’t even get into the dresses, which were, in a word, disappointing. Even our girl Penelope can do better. Then again, why go all out when she knew she wasn’t going to win for that sorry excuse of a film called Nine. But the good news is that starting today you can watch (if you haven’t already) and/or own Almodovar’s most expensive picture to date on DVD. In it, Pé proves yet again—while dressed from head-to-toe in Chanel—why she’s Spain’s most beloved actress and Almodovar’s No. 1 muse. No one, absolutely no one, can capture her exotic beauty and bring out her talent like he can.

Back in December, the pic screened during the Dubai Film Fest and Lluís Homar popped in for a Q&A. It is, as he'll humbly tell you, another one of Almodovar's masterpieces. And being that the eccentric director takes his sweet time in between pics, I wouldn’t hold my breath for the next one. Though when it arrives, you know it’ll be worth the wait.

Broken Embraces releases on DVD today!