American Son

Imagine if you had only 96 hours to make peace with your loved ones and
prepare yourself to be shipped off to fight in Iraq for an indefinite
period of time? This is what Nick Cannon’s character, 19-year-old Mike Holland, is going through in director Neil Abramson’s American Son, out today on DVD. Mike has just completed training for the U.S. Marine Corps, and is
given a four-day Thanksgiving leave to see family and friends before
his life changes forever. Except his plan is to not tell anyone that
he’s leaving, because he hasn’t yet been able to accept it himself.

On the bus ride home from Camp Pendleton, Mike meets a cute girl named Cristina (played by indie darling Melonie Diaz) and starts to fall for her. But is he truly falling for her or is this just something to hold tightly for comfort as he sets off for the scariest time of his life? I won’t spoil it for you—you’ll have to watch and find out. I will say that he and Diaz have serious chemistry (sorry, Mariah!). Not helping matters is Jay Hernandez’s character, a disabled soldier back from Iraq who gives Mike a glimpse of what’s potentially in store for him.

Critics at Sundance last year raved about Cannon’s performance, noting that this is a definite, convincing departure from his usual comedic roles. One constant: Cannon’s charisma. On top of that, he looks pretty cute with a buzz cut!

Watch the trailer below.