The Most Stylish Latinos at NYFW Spring/Summer 2015

While our fellow Latinas were showing off their best looks at New York Fashion Week, we couldn't help but notice all the super fine and dapper Latinos roaming the streets for this season's shows. Take a peak at all the stylish men who passed us by:

1. John Maniago

Miami resident, John Maniago, is part Spanish and a photographer and blogger.

2. Andy Duran

We caught Spanish hottie Andy Duran killing it in the streets while attending shows. Duran is a stylist, the Fashion Director of D'vibe Magazine, and editor of's Spanish edition.

3. Jorge Gallegos and Alejandro Lopez

Mexicano Jorge Gallegos (left) is the graphic designer, social media consultant, and blogger behind I Am Man Chic.

Alejandro Lopez is a Puerto Rican stylist who runs a bilingual men’s style blog called Adentro Style.

4. Adrian E. Morales

Adrian E. Morales is a Spanish and Mexican creative consultant and photographer who shares his photos on Snappy Lifestyle.

5. Helvin Rymer

Dominican Helvin Rymer is a New York realtor who came to fashion week with his designer friend. But the guy was working it!

6. Edwin C Medina

Edwin C Medina is a Dominican fashion designer for his own line, Brain Dead Brand.

7. Dariel Ruiz

Puerto Rican Dariel Ruiz is an interior designer.

8. Diego Leon

From the Bronx, Diego Leon is Ecuadorian and a men's style blogger at Dandy In the Bronx.

9. Micah Blehm and Joseph Veloz

Both Spanish, Micah Blehm (left) co-owns Prestige Model Management, and Joseph Veloz is a model for Prestige.

10. Pedro Maldonado

Boricua Pedro Maldonado works in public relations and is the Director of Digital Content for Ocean Drive Puerto Rico.

11. Denny Balmaceda

Denny Balmaceda is a stylist and men's style blogger at Look Rich, Shop Cheap.

12. Luis Ocasio

Puerto Rican Luis Ocasio is a model with MSA Models who resides in New York.

13. Pedro Morales

Puerto Rican and Dominican Pedro Morales works for Dharma eyewear and writes for Neckbeakin' Style.