Latina on the Runway: The Blonds, Gangsta Genies And A Chola Marlena Dietrich Take The Runway!

 A model prepares backstage at The Blonds fashion show during MADE Fashion Week Spring 2015 at Milk Studios on September 10, 2014 in New York City
Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Known for their over-the-top fashion and designing outfits for Hollywood’s elite like Rihanna, Beyonce and Katy Perry, The Blonds always deliver a fantastical show guaranteed to leave you in awe. We went backstage before their show for New York Fashion Week and got the lowdown on the inspiration for this amazing look from the hair to the makeup to the nails, we’ve got you covered!


Kabuki, Key Make-up Artist for MAC, walked us through this fun look!

"Mexican gang iconography mixes with the Arabian Knights… gangsta genies. I thought of Marlene Dietrich in ‘Kismet’ re-imagined as a Chola."

Skin: The skin is healthy and tan. Crème foundation and Mineralized Skin Finish contours the cheeks and forehead for a glow effect.

Eyes: Apply Golden liquid liner to the upper lid in a shape that curls up at the edges like a genie lamp. It is then outlined with a very thin line of black for graphic definition. A thin line of gold liner is drawn under the lower lash line to brighten then eye. No mascara is used so as not to distract from the graphic purity of the look. A handmade golden teardrop is placed at the corner of the left eye for a final touch combining urban symbolism and a Far East Fantasy.

Lips:  Lips are also outlined and overdrawn for an exaggerated pout in ‘whirl’ lip pencil which is then powdered to set. Two gradient tones of peachy nuittle iridescent gold pigment is used to highlight the outer eye/cheekbone area and on the brow bone as well for a soft lipstick are contoured within the lip line and a third lipstick is used for a pearly highlight in the center of the lip.

Brows:  Brows are softly filled in and arched.

MAC products used: Liquid Last ‘Point Balcl’, Apure Show Super Slick Liner, BlackTrack Fluidline, Whirl Lip Pencil, ‘Shy Girl’ Lipstick, ‘Tanarama’ Lipstick, ‘Myth’ Lipstick, Studio Conceal, Correct Paletted, and Mineralize Skinfinish ‘Natural’.

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Nick Irwin, Global Creative Director for CATWALK by TIGI shows us how to do this over-the-top hairstyle! 

"What we are doing this season for the Blonds is this like gangster genie. I always laugh when we talk about the references because they are always over the top and craziness. So what we want to do is exaggerate the braid and it comes out the top of the head. We used hair that you buy from Afro shops for black hair and we brought product in to create on piece.  It is difficult to explain. We use hairspray to make it look clean because it is a crimped texture. We used WetLock Gel to make [the hair pulled up into the braid] look like you can see skin, clean and couture and expensive looking."

Want to do this at home?

They are tracks of hair; it is cheap as chips, a few dollars a packet. We used nine wefts for each braid, brushed them out and put them in. It would be very difficult to do by yourself (so get a girlfriend to help out). 

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CND Style Director Jan Arnold told us about the one-of-a-kind nails that wowed everyone! 

"We are so excited to continue this long-standing fashion partnership with yet another spectacular show this season. The Blonds’ aesthetic for this collection correlated perfectly with CND’s Summer 2015 trend story, which is all about sculpted and dramatic silhouettes and intense seductive hues for a mysterious contrast of color and texture. CND and The Blonds just get each other – we’re like family at this point!

We have worked with The Blonds since 2008 because we love their fun, high energy vibe and their willingness to let us into their magical world as true artistic partners.  Working with them is such an inspiring process, and this gang of genies really personified the essence of our collaboration!"

CND took nail design to a whole new level for The Blonds, fully accessorizing each look that walked down the runway with a distinct over-the-top nail style on every model. The elite team of artists handcrafted the nails and their dramatic embellishments with CND® Liquid & Powder and BRISA® Gel. Then, layers of high-shine color were applied using CND®SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color and VINYLUX® Weekly Polish in saturated tones with accents of gold throughout. CND blinged out the innovative 3D looks with unconventional materials, including filigrees, oversized gold chains, medallions, tassels, lace, porcelain and over ten thousand stones, gems and jewels. The lavish designs, which took over 500 hours to create in the CND Design Lab, truly represented CND’s unique partnership with The Blonds and showcased their unrivaled artistry at New York Fashion Week.

“CND’s nail designs blow our minds more and more every season,” said The Blonds designer David Blond. “Jan and team continue to look well beyond the nails themselves and find ways to accessorize our designs to complete the full story on the runway. They continue to amaze us with their creativity and ability to tap into our overall vision!”

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