Latina on the Runway: Cara Santana Tells us How to Look HOT on Date Night

Cara Santana at Alice and Olivia
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We spied our chica Cara Santana at the Alice + Olivia Spring 2015 presentation, so naturally we had to stop her for some good old-fashioned girl talk. Serious topics included: clothes, boys, and makeup. Read on for the highlights...

You always look so good on-and-off the red carpet — how do you determine what you're going to wear on a daily basis?

It’s ever evolving. I wake up and kind of go with what I am feeling. I like to be comfortable first and foremost. There’s nothing worst than being uncomfortable in your daily life, and having that distract you from whatever is going on around you.

If you’re having a "I just can’t deal with today" moment, how do you do your makeup?

Add a bright lip! Red, pink, or orange and you’re good to go. I'm especially obsessed with this Wet N Wild orange lipstick that I get at Rite Aid.

We just put you in our cutest date night outfits story — how do you prepare for date night with boyfriend Jesse Metcalfe? 

I think you have to keep your man excited and interested. So, if I went really girly and feminine on our last date, I’ll go a little edgy and sexy on the next. Change it up a little bit; make them think they are dating more than one girl. And you don't just have to do dinner and a movie. I like an art museum date. I know that sounds a little dull, but it gives you something to talk about and it's super visual and stimulating, which is very sexy.

Do you have a favorite Latin food?


What do you love about Alice + Olivia? 

It’s so girly and flirty. It’s just fun and youthful. [Editor's Note: Cara is wearing an Alice + Olivia 'Trevor' cropped sweater and 'Vernon' pleasted skirt from Bendet’s Fall 2014 collection, paired with 'Dina Kid' suede heels.]

You’re in the upcoming slasher movie Reunion — what was filming like?

You can’t really prepare for that because I’ve never been slashed in real life, but it was so fun. I got to tap into that animalistic instinct. It was shot at night so it was super spooky. 

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