Welcome to Red Carpet Rewind

Red carpet season is a time for glamour and beauty, not just for celebrities, but also those of us watching from home. I don't know about you, but I find more inspiration from seeing my favorite stars striking a pose as they strut down the carpet, than from models on the runway during fashion week.

Las bellezas of Hollywood might have bigger budgets, trainers, and a variety of stylists on their team, but now you have me on your side. As a self-confessed pop culture and beauty product junkie, as well as a budget fashionista and full-time trend tracker, I will break down all the hottest red carpet looks for you with affordable finds, tips, and tricks to get you ready for a new season, a hot date, or even for that quick trip to the supermarket.

Curvy hips, curly hair, oily skin and everything in between--- I got your back! This section is all for YOU, so tell me what you want to read about the most.

This month I will cover the Emmys, the ALMAs and more, to create full red carpet reports especially for you!

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