Video: Pitbull Knows You Want Him, Dons Fancy Suits

Pitbull is back! Again. The cubano MC is working on a reportedly Spanish language-dominant album for release later this year, and he's teasing us in the meantime with "I Know You Want Me," a boastful (clearly) dance track that samples the old-school house anthem, "95, Brazil." The music video, which just premiered, features some bilingual catchprhases here, a little bit of Calle Ocho there, and a whole lot of Armando Perez looking dapper in crisp suits and silk scarves, everywhere.

I'll never tire of Pit's signature formula—namely, turning classic club anthems into bilingual booty tracks—but I am a little worn out from looking at all these bikini-clad video girls. Seriously, I feel like my eyes are being assaulted left and right by belly buttons and caderas. Who's with me?