Video: Aventura Minus the Hooks Equals Plain, Boring Bachata

Zzzzz...zzz...oh, hi there! Sorry about that; I was just listening to the new Aventura single, "Por Un Segundo," and I must have dozed off. Which isn't too hard, because it's majorly lacking in the hook department!




Romeo and the boys are usually the most consistent hitmakers around, infusing the uber- repetitive rhythm known as bachata with soulful vocals and telenovela-style lyrical narratives to singlehandedly make it cool. But this song—which is our first taste of Aventura's upcoming album, The Last (no, they're not breaking up)—is not their best. The Middle Eastern-tinged chorus never goes anywhere, and the storyline is just depressing.

Here's the gist of it: the love of Romeo's life (played by model Jaslene Gonzalez in the music video below) has moved on, and she's about to get married. Of course, he wants her back now—no surprise there! But instead of delivering suave lines to reclaim her affection, Romeo just whines a lot and generally sounds a bit pathetic. It is not a good look, and defintely not what I'm trying to hear on the radio these days.

I know I'm not alone in this assessment, because "Por Un Segundo" took 12 whole weeks to hit #1 on Billboard's "Hot Latin Songs" Chart. Maybe that's not such a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, since Aventura's fanbase is about as hardcore as The Jonas Brothers'. But still, it's taken a record amount of time for this lackluster song to become a "hit," and now I'm watching closely to see how long it'll last at the top.

Aventura fans, tell me: do you like the group's new single, or is it a step in the wrong direction?