Live from SXSW: Ceci Bastida

How do I love Ceci Bastida? Let me count the ways. The Mexican singer-songwriter (and ex-Tijuana No frontwoman) simply killed it at SXSW, with a set that featured a Kanye West cover and the most unique assortment of supporting instruments I saw all week!

I'd sort of forgotten how much I loved Ceci until I strolled into the Flamingo Cantina on E. 6th Street and was totally thrown by the sight of this uber-petite chica pounding on drums and putting a fresh twist on "Love Lockdown." Then she dove into some new music from her upcoming album debut (dropping this year, fingers crossed) and commanded the stage in a way that would make BFF Julieta Venegas proud.

The fact that Ceci is still unsigned is a travesty, but the packed house of fans in Austin indicated that with or without a label, she'll be just fine.

Watch two videos from Ceci Bastida's SXSW set below (she was so good, I couldn't pick just one!), and keep reading Sound Check this week for my final picks of the best Latin artists to play this year's live music fest. Oh, and in case you're curious about my final tally...I'm almost too embarrassed to own up to some of these stats, but here goes:

Shows seen: At least 50.

Kickass sets by Latina artists: At least 10!

Late-night pizza slices/empanadas consumed: Still just 3—I quickly moved on to tacos, hot dogs, IHOP pancakes and good 'ol Texas BBQ.

Average bedtime: 4:30am

Days left until full recovery: Unknown.

Check out the rest of Ceci's set below: