Dear Dolores,

I’m a teacher at a small middle/high school. A parent of a student came up to me and she was offended because a certain teacher shows her thong every time she sits or bends down. I have witnessed this myself, but since I don’t know her that well, I’d feel awkward saying anything. What should I do?

—Maestra in San Diego
Dear Maestra,

Hmm. This is a case of who will bell that pussycat. Short of leaving anonymous letters in her mailbox or drawing naughty pictures on the blackboard before she comes into the classroom, I think you should be kind to your fashion-impaired colleague and do her a favor. Just tell her that you adore the color of her thongs but that it would be better if she wore longer shirts or higher-on-the-hip pants. Or tell her you heard that the school principal is thinking of requiring teachers to teach standing up all the time to avoid flashing the students, and that such uncomfortable regulation would be murder on your juanetes.

—Be brave, D

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