Dolores dice...Time Warp

Dear Dolores:

I have the biggest crush on this guy. I think I'm in love. He asked me out three years ago, but I turned him down because he was going to another school. But I just found out that he has a girlfriend and I'm really hurt. I jiust start crying when I think about the chance that I had and passed up! I can;t picture myself with anyone else but him now. Wat should I do?

—Marilyn in Maryland

Dear Marilyn:

Wait, let me get this straight. A guy asked you out three years ago, and you turned him down, but now that you found out that he has a girlfriend, you're hurt? Mi'ja, what you should do is get out of that time warp right now and fast forward to the year 2009! Otherwise you might be right about one thing: never finding and loving anyone else.

—Time to move one, D