Dolores dice...The Virgin Diaries

Dear Dolores:

I'm 28 years old and still a virgin. I’ve started to ask myself whether guys cheat on me because I’m a virgin. Almost every man I’ve ever dated or been in a relationship with has turned out to be a dog. They either end up breaking up with me or cheating on me. I always get the “Well, I’d thought you’d come around” or the “I have needs” or the “But baby, don’t you see I’m doing this with her—for us!” I know that sex is important to men, but why can’t they hold out for the person they say they love? Is waiting till marriage just a fairy tale dream?

—Dazed in Dallas

Dear Dazed:

M’ija, anything is possible. I’m sure there are still some men out there— somewhere over the rainbow, or just crossing the border at this very moment—who still want to marry a virgin. You are an adult, and it may be getting a tad late for fairy tales. Yes, one is never too old for dreaming and believing in miracles, but by now you must have realized that, although your virginity is yours to give as you see fit, you can’t impose it on others. A fact of modern life is that chastity has been devalued. In the times of our abuelas, unless there was a boda, there was no hanky panky. Now it’s a free-for-all, yet we wonder why men don’t want to get married. Since you live in Texas, maybe you should try hooking up with a newcomer willing to buy la vaca before he finds out there’s free milk everywhere.

—Fairytales can come true, D