Dolores dice...The Incredible, Invisible Boyfriend!

Dear Dolores:

I have a problem: My boyfriend of three years doesn’t act like a boyfriend. He never calls me, never takes me anywhere and never invites me to his house unless I suggest it— then he says, “Come if you want to.” Now and then, he tells me he loves me, and I know he’s told his mother in Mexico that he’s thinking of marriage. But most of the time he acts totally distant. I’ve tried talking to him, and he just says that I’m being dramatic. All I want is a straight answer from him.

 —Harta y desesperada in the Net

Dear Harta:

Yes, you have a problem, m’ija: What you don’t have is a boyfriend. Stop asking him for a “straight answer.” Words don’t define a relationship. Actions do. In that sense, he’s spoken loud and clear. You’re just not listening.

—Perk up your ears, D