Dolores dice...Sins of the Flesh

Dear Dolores:

I was gordita when I first started going out with my boyfriend two years ago. A while back, I decided to get myself in shape, and now I have the body I’ve always wanted. The problem is that he doesn’t pay attention to me any more. What should I do?

Flaca Confundida in San Diego

Dear Flaca:

Before you dive into those lardy tamales again, make sure his lack of attention is actually related to your slimmed-down curvas. There may be other reasons you haven’t caught on yet. But whatever the reasons, if he doesn’t appreciate your new body, move on. The fact that you got in shape for yourself, and not to please someone else, is a wonderful thing. Your increased self-esteem will make you glow, and soon, I’m sure, you’ll have a new novio.

—Congratulations, D