Dolores dice...Pistol Packin' Mama

Dear Dolores:

I enjoy reading your column and try to take your advice on how to be an empowered Latina. But it’s not working. I am 34 years old, am divorced, have no children, am good-looking, own my own home and have a great career as a police officer. The problem is el machismo. The men around here can’t handle my independencia. I have to be tough at work, but I still want to be treated like a girl when I’m not working.

—Ms. Independencia in El Paso, TX

Dear Ms. Independencia:

Armed women give men the heebie-jeebies. That’s why they sing, “I’ll be your reg’lar daddy if you’ll put that gun away.” Maybe if you stop trying to find a daddy to treat you like a girl and begin looking for a man to treat you like a woman, then you’ll have better luck.

—Round up the unusual suspects, D