Dolores dice...How Now, Brownnose?

Dear Dolores:

I’m sick and tired of having to deal with my brownnosing coworker. She’s rude, loud, unprofessional and tacky, and she kisses up to everyone, especially the management. It didn’t bother me until I found out she’s being paid the same as me, even though I’m a college graduate and she has just a high school diploma. Our supervisor loves her and doesn’t listen to me when I bring the subject. I’m in a bind. She’s a fellow Latina, and I want to help her out, but I tried talking to her and nothing works. Should I get a better job, secretly slash her car tires, or just lower my standards and kiss everyone’s you know what like she does? I feel I worked too hard in college to wind up like this. Please help!

—Yaki on the ‘Net

Dear Yaki:

You sound a little too full of yourself, m’ija. If you feel your present job is beneath your talent and style, by all means move on. For the present, though, it might not hurt if you tried smiling a little. Getting along—not necessarily brownnosing—is something many people appreciate in the workplace, perhaps as much as a college diploma.

—Buena suerte, D