Dolores dice...Blushing Bride

Dear Dolores:

I’m 23 years old and I’m getting married in two months, but I’m really scared because I’m a virgin. I have no experience whatsoever. Maybe it was wrong to hold on to my virginity this long, but I’m old- fashioned (that’s why I never had sexual relations with my novio). What should I do to get rid of my fears?

—Novia Temblorosa Online

Dear Novia:

If you love the man you are about to marry and he loves you, there’s nothing to fear. But I feel it’s important that you share your feelings with him before the wedding night so he’s fully prepared. Men who are good lovers have the patience and gentleness required to make the first sexual encounter a beautiful experience that both partners can enjoy, one that becomes the basis of a long, vigorous, and healthy matrimony. But the road to intimacy is built on good communication, so start talking.

—Felicidades on your marriage, D