Is Your Man a Dove Man?

I brought home a bottle of Dove Men+Care Body & Face Wash, Extra Fresh($6, a few weeks back and set it gingerly on the side of my bathtub. Would my man use it? From my experience, if soap doesn’t come in the form of a bar, some guys tend to back away. Is it because they fear the unknown? Is it because liquid soap is harder to distribute without the aid of a pink pouf? Who knows? This Dove Men cleanser smelled wonderfully fresh—not floral or fruity— and came in a stereotypically masculine-looking bottle; maybe he would give it a shot. So I waited. Until a few days ago I found myself in the shower curious about this two-in-one wash. I wanted to try it! So I picked up the bottle and gave it a squeeze. It was empty. Guess I got my answer.