What Not To Do To Your Skin

People, I tell you this story with a warning: Do what I say, not what I did. Over the weekend I found myself in my brand new bathroom staring into the mirror at my skin. It looked dry and riddled with clogged pores. So I did what we’re all tempted to do, but shouldn’t: I began the process of extraction on my own skin. But instead of wrapping clean fingertips in cotton and gently squeezing ripe areas, I used my nails and dug into my skin until my chin was utterly inflamed. I know. I feel like my beauty editor license should be suspended. I’m ashamed of myself, and am paying the price; my skin has since broken out, and is still—four days later!—red, flaking and inflamed. I’m treating it by slathering on a gentle, non-clogging moisturizer morning and night, Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief ($34, Clinique.com). Then every three days I use Kate Summerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($85, katesummerville.com), which uses fruit enzymes to clear away dead skin cells, rather than harsh scrubbing agents. (There’s also a “Gentle” version, should that one be too strong for your skin—I highly recommend it.) In the meantime, I’m walking around with a face that looks like it got stuck in a beehive. Learn from my mistake.