What Foods Trigger Sensitive Skin?

I have a friend who can’t eat cheese; whenever she does, her face gets red and breaks-out in these tiny little bumps. I feel for her, especially since my idea of heaven is a long hammock between two palm trees with a plate full of cheesy quesadillas and pina coladas. But for those of you with sensitive skin—skin that becomes excessively reddened, inflamed, irritated, or pained when triggered by environmental or internal factors—it’s important to identify what triggers your particular outbreak. And yes, food can be a trigger; specifically things like coffee, for its caffeine content, and red wine. I learned this today from researchers behind Dermalogica, a skin care brand with sensitive-skin-friendly products that do not contain synthetic fragrances, alcohols, lanolin or mineral oil. So if you have sensitive skin, pay attention to what causes an outbreak. Whether it’s stress, excessive exfoliation, or cheese, once you identify it you can adjust your habits to reduce the fallout.