Ugly Betty: The Makeover That Wasn’t

I love the TV show Ugly Betty. And back in my tween years, I loved me a good telenovela (Baila Conmigo, anyone?). And while my heart continues to bleed Valentino red over the untimely demise of this fabulous telenovela-style dramedy, I wanted to take a moment to thank the writers and my Queen, Salma Hayek, for resisting the instant-makeover urge for so long. Ironically, what I loved about Mexican telenovelas was the way the downtrodden chica would always get an amazing makeover during the last month of the program then win back her man and her business from the evil, wealthy nemesis. So I’ve been anxiously awaiting Betty’s makeover for some time. But through this show we saw how a makeover—how outer beauty—isn’t what defines a character. We were reminded every week how braces, glasses and socks with pumps don’t make a person ugly; greed, manipulation and rapid-fire insults do. I’ll miss Mode. I’ll miss Marc. I’ll miss Willy and her Botox-filled forehead (no judgment). And I’ll miss basking in Betty’s unsquashable optimism and blinding beauty. Adios, Bella.