Sephora Shows You How to Get Smoky Eyes

Here’s a tip: Bring your favorite eye shadow palette to a Sephora Beauty Studio ( for stores and information), and ask them to give you a lesson in application. My friend just did this: She brought her favorite Dior 5-Colour EyeShadow palette ($56, to a Sephora Beauty Studio and asked how to apply each of the five shades to get a day look and a smoky look. The Sephora expert showed her how to make up one eye, then had her replicate the look on the other eye. This is completely empowering, and by bringing your own palette you’ll avoid the usual pitfalls at these beauty how-to counters: The expert shows you how to do your makeup, then you get home and don’t have all the tools and colors they used on you and therefore can’t recreate the look. This way, you leave with knowledge you’ll keep forever, the eye shadow with which you came, and a killer new way to wear it.