The Secret to A Flawless Smoky Eye

I swear I never thought it could be possible: One product that allows you to paint on smoky eyes without needing three pots of eye shadow, two brushes and a stick of kohl. And as I use it everyday, I am still in awe of just how easy it is. CoverGirl Smokyshadowblast in Onyx Smoke ($8.49,, is a soft, greasy – but not in a bad way – double-sided stick; one side holds a dark pointed bit of color and the other holds a rounded lighter bit of color. You use the darker pointy side to line eyes; you use the other lighter side to fill in your eyelids and blend the colors together. With Onyx Smoke, I use the pointy black end like eyeliner, and the soft gray end to smoky it all up on the lids. That’s it! I’m not doing the item enough justice in words, so if you love eye makeup, take a shot with this stick. You have your pick of color duos from grays to mauves to the traditional blacks from which to choose. And the results are equally fab.