Recession? But What About My Hair?

Fear not, chicas. I have some insider dish to help you get an appointment with a major hairstylist for a fraction of what they would normally charge to touch your tresses. Muy major Antonio Prieto has a salon in NYC, and he’s started a “New Talent” program where he rigorously trains for months new colorists and hairstylists, and while they are working their way up the prestigious ladder, you can score a service with them on the cheap! For example, you can get a single process hair color with an apprentice for only $45! They have Apprentices, Senior Apprentices and Junior Stylists training, each offering their services at discount prices. Now there’s just no reason to deny yourself a visit. Go to for more information. Oh, and Bumble and Bumble salons also have a program where you can get a haircut from a master in training. Check them out my beauties!