Please Just Stop the Gimmicks

I just can’t deal. Maybe it’s because these cosmetics aren’t aimed at me, or rather at my age demographic, but I cannot stomach another gimmicky play for my hard earned dollars that comes in the form of cosmetics. Let me explain: I loved the literary Twilight Saga (Team Edward), but the Twilight Beauty makeup collection ( Seriously? Yes, I’m sure the Immortal Liquid Body Shimmer ($19) will make my skin sparkle like a Cullen in sunlight, as would dozens of other glimmery body serums. And what about the new DuWop Plumparazzi Kit ($39, It’s just a collection of their best-selling lip-plumping Venom products, only packaged together to take advantage of the popularity of Lady Gaga’s fame-hungry dance track. Cosmetics companies of the world, please, I beg you: Don’t insult our intelligence by pandering to the latest trends. Just make good makeup and we’ll buy it. Trust.

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