Noxema Gets a Makeover

Every girl can recall the first time she smelled Noxema. I was 12, spending a summer week with my Aunt Hilda. I didn't have a skin care routine yet, but already longed for my own bottles and jars of magic beauty creams that would make me look pretty and grown-up. Before bed, my aunt gave me a tub of Noxema to wash my face. I unscrewed the blue lid and inhaled deeply. Oh, that creamy, tingly, slightly astringent scent; I would never forget it. Today I don't use The Original Deep Cleaning Cream made with eucalyptus, menthol and camphor (hence, that signature smell), but I do keep the new Wet Cleansing Cloths in my office desk and in my nightstand at home to wipe away traces of drippy eyeliner and streaky blush. They work beautifully, and they smell…just as I remember.