"Nine" Hair-Raising Reasons

I just saw the movie musical Nine last night. Never have I more wanted to tease my hair, put on a bustier and dance in front of a mirror then after those credits rolled! What performances from such talented chicas—specifically from Oscar winner Penelope Cruz. But being the beauty junkie that I am, I more than noticed how important a role hair played in the film. Cruz, Fergie, plus Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson all had long, full, well-teased locks they flicked and tossed around; it was often a weapon of sexuality used on the male protagonist. During Kidman's number in the movie, she makes a point of saying the film goddess she appears to be is nothing more than glamorous smoke and mirrors—then promptly takes off her long blonde wig. Amazing! I always wanted full wavy hair, and now this film has made me want to try Bumpits ($10, plus processing and handling, bumpits.com), those hair-lifting inserts. And when I do, I'll let you all know if it makes me feel like Penelope, if only for a moment.