My Immortal Love

I was just on catching up on my gossip when I read that Camilla Belle has been cavorting with my vampire love Robert Pattinson (that’s Edward to all you Twilighters out there). Now I’m torn. Edwar – em, Robert and I haven’t met yet, so clearly we’re not together. Does that mean I should begrudge the budding superstar a high-wattage romance with what I’m sure is a lovely Latina starlet? YES! Yes, G*d d*mn*t, yes I can! It’s bad enough we’re miles apart, but now I have to watch his romantic escapades on my computer screen? Way to rub my face in it! Oh, speaking of rubbing my face in it, have any of you girls tried Chanel’s Energizing Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15? I now use it every morning. You can check out the entire Radiance line at, but this cream immediately – and quite magically – lifts my skin, and instantly moisturizes, smoothes and brightens it. Too bad it can’t do the same for my spirits.