Jennifer Lopez: I Could Have Stared All Night

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a fiesta in honor of makeup artist extraordinaire Scott Barnes and his new book About Face, a study of makeup and its power of transformation. Cool, yes, but what just about did me in was seeing Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez at the NYC bash. Let me tell you, there are no words to describe Jennifer’s luminosity. Her skin was at once radiant, warm and somehow translucent. She was literally glowing, no doubt a result of Barnes’s professional skills. And girlfriend was on—it looked like she was charming everyone around her with that famous coquettish giggle of hers. I could have stared all night. But I didn’t. Well, I couldn’t; at the suggestion of a bodyguard, I left the area and went home to start spreading Scott Barnes Body Bling tinted moisturizer ($38, all over my skin to see if it made me glow like J.Lo.