I Went Blonde!

I told you I would do it, chicas! My dark brown hair is now officially a honey-colored hue. Whoa! I…still think it’s a wig. Just kidding! But my hair’s been dark for so long, every time I pass a mirror or a storefront window I have to stop and figure out who that is staring back at me. Redken Color Consultant David Stanko lightened my strands a few shades at the Angelo David Salon in New York City and he did an amazing job. Seriously, the man is a genius because if people say blonde looks natural on me, then he gets an A+! And while I’m getting used to it I’ll be sharing all my angst and tips on how to maintain your hair color, how to change your makeup to fit your current shade, and, of course, reporting live from the trenches (bars) on whether or not blondes really do have more fun. Stay tuned…

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