Get to Kissin’

I’m in such a lovey mood today, despite severe deadlines, temperatures and global issues. Sometimes you just get bitten by the love bug and become all Velveeta cheesiness and gooey sentiment. I can’t stop dreaming about clichéd Valentines, squishy hugs and good old-fashioned smoochin’! And naturally, the latter makes me think of lipstick. While I’m still deciding on my V-Day outfit for my late-night dinner date, I know exactly what lip wardrobe I’m going to employ: Chanel Glossimer ($27 each, These glosses are not cheap, but every one is just irresistible! The shades are always the perfect cross between saturated color and sheer glimmer. They brighten your face and contour your lips so your pout looks ripe and ready. My shade of choice is Brilliance. One hopes that will describe my evening, as well.