Genius: Winter Pedicure Shoes!

I needed a pedicure in the worst way. My toes had not been attended to since the summer. That’s right – as in, six months ago! Awful. Shameful. But it’s hella cold out here in the North East and walking to the nail salon in flip-flops is not an option. And for the extremely impatient, such as myself, sitting under multiple driers for 45 minutes isn’t an option, either. Hence my extreme excitement over my acquisition of a pair of Bootie Pies, warm snuggly pedicure boots ($128, but there’s a $98 sale going on right now!).

The boots have long zippers in the back so you can easily tuck each foot inside, and a plastic flap covering the toes. The front flap over the toes can be pressed down, so you can slide your foot inside and place your toes on top of it. There they’ll rest, exposed and smudge-free, while your feet stay warm. I know the price is steep, but if you live in a walking city and value your pedis, you’ll save $20 bucks a week until they’re yours!