The Clutch Eye Shadow

I don’t carry eye shadow in my purse. Which is weird because I carry everything else in my purse—gift cards, bills, lipglosses, keys, old receipts, tweezers, spare earrings, essentials like that. I rarely wear eye shadow because it takes some thought beforehand (what color to choose?) and a bit of time and concentration to apply. But today I decided to play with the incredibly creamy Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner ($19, in Birthday Suit. The sheer cream just felt so good on my fingers, and the shade looked neutral enough. So I applied it to my lids. And then I realized the shade was more than neutral; it’s this gorgeous grey-silver-mauve-taupe-chrome hybrid. It felt so amazing and looked so pretty, I swiped some more over my lids just an hour ago. It intensified the shade just a bit, and I love it even more! It’s so easy to wear, and so small to carry, it might just make my purse.