Becky G: "The 5 Artists I'd Love to Work With"

Hola, Beasters! I was thinking the other day of all the great people I've worked with so far (including J.Lo!), but there are definitely some people I'd still love to work with! Here are my top five artists I'd love to collaborate with in the future, plus my favorite song of theirs! 

Bruno Mars 

Bruno is a true artist! He's not just an amazing singer, he's a visionary behind all of his projects.

Favorite song: "Treasure"

Katy Perry 

Katy isn't afraid to be who she is and I think that really comes through with how she dresses, the way she sounds and her presence on stage. 

Favorite song: "Wide Awake"


Miguel has this Prince, Marvin Gaye, old-school feel that I love.

Favorite song: "How Many Drinks"